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How Long Does 2nd Class Post Take? A Royal Mail Guide

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Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How long does 2nd class post really take?” Whether you’re a business owner looking for a cost-effective postal service or an individual sending letters and parcels, understanding the delivery time of Royal Mail 2nd Class post can be crucial. This article aims to be your complete guide to decoding the 2nd class post service offered by Royal Mail. We’ll explore everything from what 2nd Class post is to its cost implications and best practices. So, if you’ve ever been puzzled by the difference between Royal Mail 1st and 2nd class, or if you’re looking for tips on how to use this service for faster delivery, keep reading.

What is 2nd Class Post?

Definition and Basic Features

2nd Class post is a delivery service offered by Royal Mail for less urgent mail within the United Kingdom. It’s a popular choice for both letters and parcels, offering a reliable delivery option at a lower cost compared to 1st Class postRoyal Mail provides a detailed breakdown of what this service entails.

Comparison with 1st Class Post

While 1st Class post aims for next-day delivery service2nd Class post usually takes 2-3 working days. The 1st Class service also offers more optional tracking services, whereas the 2nd Class post is more straightforward and cost-effective. For a more in-depth comparison, you can visit this source.

Ideal Use-Cases for 2nd Class Post

If you’re sending non-urgent mail and packages, or if you’re looking for a cost-effective postage option2nd Class post is an excellent choice. It’s also ideal for bulk mailings where timely delivery is less critical. For businesses, this can be a game-changer in terms of cost savings.

The Official Guidelines on 2nd Class Post Delivery Times

Standard Delivery Times

According to Royal Mail2nd Class post is delivered in 2-3 working days, including Saturdays. However, this is not a guaranteed delivery time, and delays can occur. It’s always good to check the official guidelines for the most accurate information.

Exceptions and Delays

Seasonal variations, such as Christmas, and postal strikes can affect the average delivery time. It’s always good to check Royal Mail’s service updates for any potential delays. You can find these updates on their official website.

Factors Affecting 2nd Class Post Delivery Time

Seasonal Variations

During peak seasons like Christmas, expect slightly longer delivery times. Plan your postal service needs accordingly. The Royal Mail often releases seasonal guidelines, which can be found here.

Geographic Location

Delivery within major cities is generally quicker. Rural areas may experience a day or two delays. For example, sending a parcel through Royal Mail 2nd Class post to a remote area in Scotland may take an extra day compared to sending it to London.

Postal Strikes or Other Disruptions

Always keep an eye on Royal Mail service updates to be aware of any strikes or disruptions that could affect delivery time. These updates are crucial for both individuals and businesses relying on timely delivery.

Real-World Experiments and Findings

Summary of Experiments

Several individuals and organizations have conducted experiments to test the delivery time of 2nd Class post. One notable example is a TikTok experiment featured by LADbible, which found that 2nd Class post can sometimes arrive just as quickly as 1st Class post. You can watch the experiment here.

What These Findings Mean

While these are not scientific studies, they do provide some interesting insights. It suggests that 2nd Class post might offer better value for the item you’re sending, especially if timely delivery is not a critical factor.

Tracking Options for 2nd Class Post

Availability of Tracking Features

Royal Mail 2nd Class post does offer tracking service options, but they are generally more limited compared to 1st Class post. For those interested in tracking, Royal Mail offers a Tracked 48 service, which you can learn more about here.

How to Use Tracking

To use the tracking service, you’ll need a tracking number. This can be obtained when you send your mail from a local post office branch. The tracking number allows you to monitor the delivery status of your letters and parcels online.

Cost Implications

Pricing of 2nd Class Post

The cost of sending a letter weighing up to 100g via 2nd Class post is significantly less than using 1st Class post. For medium parcels, the price difference becomes even more noticeable. For the most current pricing, check out Royal Mail’s official pricing guide.


If timely delivery is not crucial, 2nd Class post offers a more cost-effective option. It’s especially useful for bulk mailings. For businesses, this can translate into significant cost savings over time.

Tips for Using 2nd Class Post Effectively

Best Practices

  • Plan Ahead: If you know you’ll be sending non-urgent mail, opt for 2nd Class post to save on postage.
  • Check for Service Updates: Always keep an eye on Royal Mail’s service updates for any potential delays. These updates can be found here.

Ensuring Faster Delivery

While 2nd Class post is not designed for **next-day

delivery, sending your items early in the week can sometimes result in a quicker delivery time**.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 2nd Class Post Deliver on Saturdays?

Yes, Royal Mail aims to deliver 2nd Class post on Saturdays as part of their 2-3 working days delivery service.

What is the Compensation Cover for 2nd Class Post?

Royal Mail 2nd Class post offers a basic level of compensation cover for lost or damaged items. The exact amount varies, so it’s best to check the Royal Mail’s official guidelines.

Can You Upgrade 2nd Class to 1st Class After Dispatch?

No, once the 2nd Class post has been dispatched, it cannot be upgraded to the 1st Class post.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this complete guide to Royal Mail 2nd Class post. From standard delivery times to real-world experiments, we’ve delved into every aspect of this popular delivery service. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, understanding the nuances of 2nd Class post can help you make informed decisions for your postal needs.

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We’d love to hear about your experiences with 2nd Class post. Have you found it to be a reliable delivery option? Do you have any tips for ensuring faster delivery? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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